These Bollywood Songs Are Featured In Hollywood Movies & We Can’t Stop Listening To Them!

Bollywood has made a mark globally. Check out this list of famous Bollywood songs that have been featured in Hollywood movies!

Published On Mar 02, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Once a Bollywood fan, always a Bollywood fan! Can we ever stop grooving to the beats of the popular Chaiya Chaiya song? We bet never!

Our hearts will always beat for the classic and iconic Bollywood songs that have beautiful lyrics and compositions! They’ve also made it to the list of one of the top-viewed Indian songs on YouTube.

Bollywood has proudly made its mark globally. You can witness the same through the Hollywood movies that featured popular Bollywood songs.

Bollywood's popularity is viral worldwide as is visible from the foreigners dancing to the light bulb song ‘Sadi Gali Khulke Bhi’ playing in the background. Remember the movie Queen? Kangana Ranaut’s character Rani was seen grooving to the tunes of Bollywood songs in a pub in Paris. We were ecstatic when we heard a Bollywood song play in the popular movie Deadpool. But did you know that there is a long list of Bollywood songs that played in Hollywood movies? Check it out here!

The popular Hollywood movie Deadpool was released in movie theatres in February 2016. This Hollywood flick featured the popular OG Hindi song Mera Joota Hain Japani from the blockbuster Shree 420. Shree 420 also featured Kabhi Humne Nahin Socha Tha.

Who does not want to groove to the popular Hindi movie song and SRK blockbuster Chaiyya Chaiyya? The Denzel Washington starrer, Inside Man, released in 2005, featured the very popular Hindi film song Chaiyya Chaiyya the Bollywood movie Dil Se.

How can we forget the popular Hindi movie song Chamma Chamma from China Gate? This Bollywood movie song was featured in the Nicole Kidman-Ewan McGregor starrer, Moulin Rouge. Chamma Chamma was featured as an opening song for Nicole Kidman’s performance on Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. A proud feat, isn’t it?

The legendary Mohammad Rafi’s songs featured in the popular Hollywood movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. These Hindi movie songs are special as they were featured in the scene where the lead actors Joel and Clementine are in the hall room and Clementine makes an announcement that she is going to marry Joel one day.

Legendary Hindi movie singer Kishore Kumar’s popular song Lehron Ki Tarha Yaadein was featured in the background in the Hollywood movie - Shaun Of The Dead where Shaun, the lead actor walks inside a departmental store at the time when the zombie outbreak starts.

Punjabi songs are loved by all - whether in Bollywood or Hollywood. The famous Punjabi track Mundian Tu Bach Ke Rahi featured in the trailer of the popular Hollywood movie, The Dictator.

Popular Hindi movie song Jaan Pehchaan was played as the song in the opening scene of the Hollywood movie Ghost World, which was released in the year 2011.

Saathiya, a popular Hindi movie is renowned for all the lovely songs that it features. The popular song Chalka Chalka Re from the Rani Mukherjee-Vivek Oberoi starrer Saathiya featured in the Hollywood movie Accidental Husband. The part of the Chalka Chalka Re song that was used in this movie is a Tamilian wedding song.

Who does not love the melodious album of the popular Hindi movie Bombay composed by the legendary AR Rahman? We’ve all listened to this song during our long and fun road trips, haven't we? The melodious tunes of the Bombay theme were used in the Nicolas Cage starrer, Lord Of War. 

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