7 Times Zeenat Aman Has Been A Breath Of Fresh Air On Instagram

Zeenat Aman made her debut on social media earlier this year and is already our favourite. Witty and authentic, the star never misses being an absolute delight on the platform.

Published On Sep 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


After spending a long time away from the media’s invasive glare, the yesteryear actress Zeenat Aman made it to Instagram this year and immediately went viral. Her simple and thoughtful posts were all over the internet and the netizens couldn’t enough. 
Meaningfully utilising her presence on social media, Zeenat Aman through her Instagram handle has drawn people’s attention through various posts on social issues, looking back at her choice of roles, her relationship with fellow actors and the society at large. She has always put herself forward in a very thoughtful manner. With her comeback on social media, her following grew immensely right away. Always being her original self, with a lot of sensibility and wisdom, Zeenat Aman is always a delight to read when it comes to her Instagram posts.

As the stunner grows a year older, here are 7 times Zeenat Aman was a breath of fresh air of Instagram

In her recent Instagram posts, Zeenat Aman shared a heartfelt post to celebrate the 100th birth anniversary of the late actor Dev Anand. She shared an image from their film, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, and wrote about how stylish, suave and prolific Dev Anand was. She wrote about how talented a person he was and appreciated that his legacy has been honoured. Soon after her posts, she received several positive comments and reactions from various fans and celebrities.

Zeenat Aman was recently seen in the popular car ride show, Tinder Swipe Ride. She shared meaningful conversations about the dating lives of Indian women, and what they might desire. She shared her advice for young women and talked about the various experiences that women face. She also gave her views on how the concept of dating has witnessed a change in the present day and appreciates that now there are healthier conversations around mental health.

In this post, Zeenat Aman shared a still from her film Satyam Shivam Sundaram, opposite Shashi Kapoor. While Kapoor is seen in an all-black outfit, Zeenat Aman looks stunning in the red sizzling outfit. She narrates how this was her first film under the RK banner, and that she was not at all prepared for the dance sequence. She was not trained in classical dance and recalls that she had burst into tears when the director narrated the sequence. She was sure that she would not be able to pull it off, but eventually, under the guidance of legendary choreographer, Sohanlal she surely gave a stellar performance. She recommended her viewers to give the video of the song a watch on Youtube, and called it a ‘visual delight’.

Zeenat Aman took a trip down memory lane in this Instagram post and recalls everything that she was accused of at different points in time. She posted a picture that features herself from an old magazine cover and she wrote about the life lessons that the various instances taught her. She shared her views, writing that people will always find reasons to talk and that one should not allow others' perceptions to define their lives.

Zeenat Aman directed this particular post to all men and said that a man should not be afraid to carry a woman's handbag or other belongings. She urged men to help women carry their bags and belongings if they ask. She posted a picture with her son, Zahaan who is seen holding the actor’s handbag.

Featuring a short caption, Zeenat Aman shares in this post that she simply wishes the world to be free from hatred, violence, intolerance and oppression. Isn't that something that we all wish for?  Although a short caption, it still puts forth lengths of thought.

As she continues sharing regular posts on Instagram, Zeenat Aman puts forward certain ‘rules of engagement’ that she urges her followers to abide by. She wrote about her followers not engaging in abuse, heated arguments or pitting women against each other in the comments section, along with a number of other rules. The veteran actress has surely made us realise the importance of healthy boundaries online with her simple and effective way of going about posts. 

Photo: Instagram/thezeenataman