5 Ways To Chill This Weekend In Bengaluru

Sip on hot cocoa or go watch some comedy, this weekend in Bengaluru is all about taking it easy.

Published On Jan 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


The best thing about RCB Cafe's breakfast menu is that there's something for everyone. Whether it's endless omelette options, wholesome vegan breakfasts, or loaded waffles, the menu has it all. Its most loved breakfast is the Royal Challengers Breakfast, which consists of tropical fresh fruits, blueberry yogurt, and a Baker’s Bread Basket. It also includes a choice of eggs, baked beans, hash browns, as well as grilled chicken Krakauer sausage and sautéed mushrooms. The hearty breakfast is served with honey, preserves, and a beverage of choice.

Check it out this weekend.

Where: RCB Cafe, Museum

When: 8am-11.30am

Call for reservations: 09980999944

One of India’s much-loved standup comedians, Amit Tandon, is back in Bangalore this weekend with a show, which means new content and lots of new things to laugh about. A man who discovered comedy quite by chance, Tandon has for the past few years been performing across the world, delivering some of the funniest stories on stage.

Where: Nexus Shantiniketan Mall, Whitefield

When: 7pm, January 28

Tickets here 


The Kannada play, ‘Gundayana’ is based on the famous novel ‘Chakradrushti’ by well known humourist, Na.Kasthuri. It gives a series of caricatures of people who betray their own idiosyncrasies as they narrate the story of A man called Gundappa, who never appears on stage.

Where: Ranga Shankara, JP Nagar

When: 3.30pm and 7.30pm, January 28

Tickets here 

Coffee Roasters Maverick & Farmer has collaborated with Mason & Co for a special hot chocolate menu. Blending coffee and chocolate, Maverick & Farmer has created an array of delicious and unique beverages for the festive season. Co-founder Ashish D’abero has experimented with various flavours of chocolate and different types of coffee to bring you that perfect melange of flavours in each beverage. Check out Candy Cane – Maverick & Farmer’s signature ‘Parama’ blend of espresso paired with Peppermint chocolate, cacao nibs and topped off with rich cream, and this is just one of their creations.

Where: Maverick and Farmer, Ulsoor

When: 8.30am-10pm, on till January 31

Pop sensation Darshan Raval is going to be performing in Bengaluru this weekend and if you like a touch of romantic sweetness, head to this one. Raval’s “Love - A Fair - India Tour 2022-23’ is going to be making various stops in India spreading love and music.

Where: Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield

When: 6pm, January 28

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