5 Timeless And Gripping Amazon Prime Series To Binge-Watch

Looking to update your watchlist with binge-worthy content for the weekend? Check out the best of the Amazon Prime series sure to offer you entertainment like no other.

Published On Feb 05, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Amazon Prime Video has an amazing collection of original movies and web series. The platform doesn't merely list content to increase its offer count but thoughtfully handpicks the best options so that you can have the time of your life. Quality content that keeps you hooked to the screen, Prime is all about good stories, excellent narration and exceptional screenplay.
If you're looking for ideas on what to binge-watch next, here are some of the best series on Amazon Prime. These series have been widely loved for their unusual and intriguing plots and are sure to offer entertainment that leaves a mark.

Five times an Amazon Prime series had us hooked

Science fiction lovers would watch this series without blinking because of its mesmerising plot. With just eight episodes, Tales from the Loop is one of the most-watched Amazon Prime series. Based on the work of the Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag, this series shows how the lives of the people of Mercer, Ohio, get affected by ‘the Loop’,  an underground facility that makes the impossible possible by exploring experimental physics. The show brings to life mystical tales from parallel worlds, frozen time, and traded lives. This series is admired for its flawless visuals and adequate representation of the aesthetics of Stålenhag’s work. Visit the land of Mercer for an unforgettable, entertaining marvel juxtaposing neo-futurism and rural communities.

One of the most original adult animated Amazon Prime series, The Legend of Vox Machina is all about misfits and rogues taking on the role of protectors of the kingdom. Unsuitable for kids, this animated fantasy series is gory and bawdy and shows the life of the Vox Machina guild. The Vox Machina guild is a group of drunk adventurers who battle to win back the city of Whitestone from the monstrous Lord and Lady Briarwood. This 2022 hit is one of the new Amazon Prime series with a gripping second season where, once again, we witness the worst team of misfits fighting against four deadly dragons. The show almost feels like a tribute to Dungeons & Dragons and entertains both seasoned fans and newcomers.

A combination of thriller, murder mystery, and some supernatural elements, The Devil's Hour is one of the best web series on Amazon Prime. With Peter Capaldi playing the character of a mysterious criminal, Gideon Shepherd and Jessica Raine playing Lucy (an overburdened social worker with a distant and troubled young son), this series is one of the most chilling shows you'll ever watch. Raine’s phenomenal performance as Lucy wins our hearts. The story is as good as it gets, with Lucy waking up (exactly at 3:33 am) to horrific nightmares every morning. In her dreams, she gets drawn to detective Ravi Dhillon’s investigations of two cases - a child's abduction and a deadly murder. The story is all about her decoding the link between the two incidents and finally having a confrontation with the cynical shepherd Capaldi.

This comic drama series of two released seasons is all about watching the lead character, Fleabag, trying to heal herself and putting up a brave face. She is not a very likeable character - self-destructive, selfish, and morally bankrupt, and yet there's something so interesting about her life that has us hooked. Fleabag has a loathsome family, a pathetic job, and a ridiculous lifestyle, but the London lifestyle so beautifully depicted by Phoebe Waller-Bridge is gripping, to say the least. In coping with the loss of her best friend, Fleabag goes all out, without filters on issues of love, sodomy, familial tension, and feminism. Often listed among the best web series on Amazon Prime, Fleabag Season 1 engages us with her disoriented family. The second season is more blasphemous as we witness her harbouring inappropriate, romantic feelings for a Catholic priest. A total entertainer, Fleabag is a show you cannot miss on Prime!

A suspense fantasy, Carnival Row is a show with a lot of moments when you wonder ‘what might have been’. The two seasons of the show acquaint us with the characters of Rycroft ‘Philo’ Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) and Vignette ‘Vini’ Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) as they try to get to the roots of the many murders happening lately in the city of Burgue. The first season addressed deeper themes of immigration, class, and race in a fantasy world where Philo and Vini solve the murder mystery together. In the second season, however, we see them on opposing sides. This Amazon Prime series is one of the most distinctive ones in recent years and involves a lot of prosthetics, ornate character makeup, and a quasi-Victorian vibe.

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