5 Standout Fashion Moments From The Crown Season 6

From Princess Diana's sleek pantsuits to Prince William's charming wardrobe, here's quick recap of the standout fashion moments from season 6 of The Crown.

Published On Dec 22, 2023 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


The Crown season 6 aired in two parts—while the first instalment left no dry eye in the room, part 2 ended on a more ominous note. Signaling the idea of a monarch on a decline, the new season is sure to leave fans of the most famous royal family in the world divided. Yet there’s one thing that most viewers will agree on is that the fashion moments SERVED!

Of course, a show detailing the final days of one of the most fashionable women in the world, Lady Diana, is sure to turn-up with amazing looks. But it was the thoughtful considerations put into the looks of supporting characters that brought the story full circle. Below are the ones that you need to watch out for, if you are yet to binge the show.

During her ‘Beautiful Kate’ days at university, Catherine, Princess of Wales, was known to make heads turn. A pivotal moment for the relationship between her and the current first in line for the crown, the actual sheer, knitted dress has moved on from tabloid fodder to fetching thousands of dollars at auctions. Recreating the look on the show, newbie Meg Ballamy channelled cheeky glamour on the show. The dress, and what followed later because of it, is a testament to how pieces of garments can make history; in this case, a royal courtship history!

When lady Di’s ‘revenge dress’ recreation hit the internet, audiences cemented that as the best fashion moment on show of all time. Until season 6 rolled around and the 6’3” Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Diana on the show, started strutting around in luxury yacht fashion. From the aquamarine one piece to tie-dye inspired bathing suits, the episode that sees Diana spending time in Saint Tropez might just transform how we do beaches!

The second instalment of season 6 jumps straight into princes William and Harry’s adulthood. Enter: lots of scenes of the shy university student William and troublemaker teen Harry. Also going with them are the cardigans, acid jeans and sharp suits worthy of royal heartthrobs. Especially the scene when William first embraces, quite reluctantly so, the national crush status in a navy-blue pullover paired with pastel blue undershirt. Audiences will finally know why Prince William once enjoyed fanfare comparable to The Beatles; it may be the boyish charm but our money is on the soft boy academia outfits!

Imelda Staunton, who plays the Familian Queen on season 6, embodies the now passed monarch brilliantly. Especially when she reluctantly shows up to her son’s second marriage reception, decked out in pearl white set embroidered with beautiful sunshine yellow detailing. Giving a visual representation of what ‘quiet luxury’ actually means, the Queen ended up stealing the show from the bride and the bridegroom, the current king of England.

If you didn’t already know this, but Queen Elizabeth was the first female member of the royal family who served with the armed forces, driving and maintaining vehicles. As such, seeing the young queen decked out in service uniform came as a surprise for many viewers. In a flashback scene we see a teenage Lilibet go dancing in her sharp service uniform, full with her signature waves and red lips. The costume humanizes the future longest running monarch ever, portraying a young woman living her best life on a night out around town. 

Photo: Instagram/The Crown