5 Shades Of ‘Lord’ Bobby Deol: Exploring The Villainous Roles Of The Animal Star

Bobby Deol has carved a niche for himself as the bad guy. Here, take a look at the times the versatile actor aced the most horrendous of characters like a boss.

Published On Jan 25, 2024 | Updated On Feb 27, 2024


If there is one star who is known to earn the love of his fans by playing a negative guy on screen, then it is Bobby Deol. His fans cannot stop drooling over the way the actor plays negative roles effortlessly. Apart from creating a space in our hearts with his heroic roles, his bad guy shade makes us crave for him more on the screen. It is interesting to note that the stellar actor started his filmography as a romantic hero, and today he has paved a niche for himself as the bad guy on-screen, who is not scared of the almighty, has no understanding of good or bad, and also does not fear karma.

Here, take a look at the times Deol touched our hearts as the bad man:

In Sanddep Reddy Vanga's Animal, Bobby Deol plays Abrar Haque, who is the long lost eerie twin of Ranbir Kapoor. His character is traumatised as his grandfather commits suicide, and so he loses his voice. He is romantic who loves to wear an emerald necklace on his bare chest, invite his three wives to his room, and gets sexually active. It is spine-chilling and horrendous. His lush beard adds a lot of oomph to his character.


In Badal, Deol plays the role of a fearsome terrorist. The film has a lot of parallelism from Devil's Own. Deol in Badal is shown entering a world of crime due to a massacre that took the lives of his entire family when he was a kid. Revenge dances on his head as scenes of intense shootouts burn the screen.The actor showed his versatility as an actor with the movie.


Deol essays Jeeva, a guy from a humble family background who falls in love with Kiran, aka Malaika Arora. Her dad frames Jeeva's mom and sisters, bribes the cops, and gets the women arrested for prostitution. Kiran, on the other hand, punishes her dad by killing herself. A grief-stricken Jeeva seeks revenge by becoming a killer. He then meets Rani Mukerji, who shares the same name as his ex, Kiran. Jeeva trains Rani to become a killer.


Aashram looked like a comeback for Deol as the sinister Baba Nirala, a godman turned conman who has unconditional followers. The show lost its zest after the first season, but Deol got steam into his role as a godman who does not fear exploiting the needy to build his huge empire.


In this movie, Deol's character is dramatically different from his usual on-screen presence. As a sinister, his role is to kill the pair Vikrant Massey and Sanya Malhotra, who have taken refuge in a government safe house named 'love hostel'. The actor is shown taking up the spine chilling task in a cold fashion manner.

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