5 Must Watch Shows About Female Friendships With Your Female Bestie!

5 shows to watch that are pure female friendship goals.

Published On Sep 14, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


When Samantha from SATC said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with,”it hit hard. Our female friends are our biggest cheerleaders, critics, and fiercest supporters on the rocky journey called life. And it is not every day that you come across shows about friendship representing women in a positive light. So, when we found these shows about female friendship, we knew we had to share it with everyone. Women are often pitted against each other as competitive contemporaries, but these light-headed shows on unconditional friendship are a must-watch with your female bae.

Shows about female friendships you cannot miss:


One of the longest-running shows of the decade, Grey’s Anatomy is less of an American medical drama and more about female friendship. The relationship between Meredith, played by Ellen Pompeo, and her best friend Christina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, defines true friendship goals. Standing by each other through personal and professional highs and lows, the two women calling each their “person” is the kind of bond we want with our girlfriends.

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An American sitcom based around New York’s fictional 99th precinct Brooklyn police department is too good a show to miss. A Golden Globe Award winning show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best shows about female friendship. Amy, the Captain’s pet, and Rosa, a rebellious daredevil, despite their stark personalities, are close confidants and co-workers.

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One of the more emotionally warming shows about friendship, This Is Us beautifully portrays the dynamics of the human relationship between two women who are starkly different. Maddison and Kate, who meet in a support group, don’t like each other at first; but slowly, they become the best of friends when life serves them with turbulent battles. Their unconditional love and support for each other teach us what 'having your back' literally means.

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Caroline Channing, once an heiress goes broke after the arrest of her billionaire father. Max, a waitress at a diner opens up her home to Caroline and helps her adjust to the hand-to-mouth life. Influencing and supporting each other's dream, Caroline and Max slowly move from becoming roommates to sister-like BFFs.

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An American sitcom about a girl struggling to settle in a new city, Jess gets involved in a romantic relationship with one of her male roommates. She leans on her childhood best friend CeCe to help her through the ups and downs of her new life as she unravels a fresh adventure every single day. Cece’s support is the kind of love we look for from our female besties, unconditional and non-judgemental.

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If you and your bestie share an unbreakable bond like these women, you’ve found your rock for life. The next time you are chilling with your BFF, watch shows and movies about female friendship because it will remind you of the relationship you share. 

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