10 Of Shahid Kapoor's On Screen Characters Worth Looking Back At

A throwback to Shahid Kapoor’s best-played characters, here are our most favourite ones.

Published On Jan 23, 2023 | Updated On Jul 07, 2024


Shahid Kapoor, known as the chocolate boy of Bollywood, has proven himself to be more than just a charming actor. At 41 years old, he celebrates his birthday on February 25th. Looking back at his career, which he began with TV commercials, Shahid Kapoor has played brilliant characters over the years. He had his breakthrough with Ishq Vishk in 2003 and has been working his way up in the industry ever since. While his impressive dance moves are captivating on screen, they are the result of dedicated hard work. Shahid started taking dance classes at the age of 15, and eventually found himself as a background dancer in many films. He’s also a travel enthusiast and Shahid Kapoor’s recent biking trip looked really fun. We wish this actor a very happy birthday and take a look at 10 Shahid Kapoor movies that received commercial and critical success.

One of Shahid Kapoor's most impactful roles to date is Haider, in the adaptation of Shakespeare's play Hamlet. Shahid plays the role of Haider, a Kashmiri boy searching for answers about his father's disappearance. Set in the midst of the conflict-ridden Kashmir in 1995, Haider becomes embroiled in the political turmoil of the land. Shahid's portrayal of Haider is emotionally charged, and it's clear that he put his heart and soul into bringing the character to life. His performance garnered global appreciation and earned him multiple award nominations. He even won the People's Choice Award at the Rome Film Festival. Among Shahid Kapoor's movies, his role as Haider will be forever remembered.

Shahid Kapoor's charm reached new heights in the romantic comedy Jab We Met. Directed by Imtiaz Ali, the film follows the story of Aditya, a businessman who leaves everything behind after his love interest marries someone else. On a train journey, he meets Geet and falls in love with her, but their story is not without its challenges. Aditya's charm as a businessman and his effortless performance had audiences falling for him. The movie received widespread appreciation and numerous awards.

In the movie Udta Punjab, Shahid Kapoor plays the role of Tommy Singh, a popular singer who embodies the reality of drug abuse in Punjab. The story takes a dramatic turn when Tommy finds himself in jail and faces the consequences of his actions, including hearing from fans who reveal they killed their mother to obtain drugs. Shahid's portrayal of Tommy's emotional turmoil is powerful and convincing, with critics praising his ability to convey the character's pain and anger.

Padmaavat tells a captivating story that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The film is based on a traditional Rajput poem and features Shahid Kapoor as Maharaval Ratan Singh, the king of Mewar. Kapoor delivers a powerful performance as the king, who rules his empire with grace. Despite some controversies surrounding the film, the story and Kapoor's acting are both impeccable. 

The character of Kabir Singh, played by Shahid Kapoor, has become a controversial topic, with some people criticising the stalking and harassment of women. However, it is a testament to Kapoor's acting abilities. He portrays a heartbroken surgeon who indulges in self-destructive behaviour such as smoking and drinking, and has anger management issues. He is also a bully whose beloved was forced into marriage with another. Kapoor's portrayal of the character is convincing and powerful, and his performance was critically acclaimed.

In Kaminey, Shahid Kapoor plays the role of a pair of twins, Charlie and Guddu. Set in Mumbai, the movie follows their lives as they pursue big dreams but end up in trouble. Kapoor masterfully portrays both characters, creating a mysterious presence for each. While this was not one of his most celebrated roles, he is remembered for his impressive physical transformation and dance performances in the film.

Chup Chup Ke is a fun, light-hearted movie that revolves around the life of Jeetu, a man with many failed businesses and debts. He tries to commit suicide but gets rescued by a fisherman who assumes Jeetu to be mute and deaf. However, the story takes on a fascinating turn and the twists will leave you surprised. Of all of Shahid Kapoor’s movies, his role as Jeetu is worth remembering for its charismatic presence.

Vivah focuses on the lives of Prem and Poonam, a couple who experience a grave tragedy right before their wedding. An unexpected fire leaves Poonam’s body covered in burn scars testing the couple’s relationship. However, Shahid charms his audience off of their feet with his adorable performance as Prem.

Shahid plays the role of Arjun Talwar, a 26-year-old cricketer from Chandigarh. Despite his unbeaten record in cricket, he does not make it to the Indian national team. He eventually starts a different life but goes back to cricket 10 years later so his son can have a jersey. Shahid plays a convincing role of a motivated cricketer and a dedicated father hellbent on fulfilling his son’s dreams.

Ishq Vishk was Shahid Kapoor’s debut movie where he played the role of a wannabe college kid. He is bullied because he doesn’t have a girlfriend and the movie follows his struggles of finding one. This coming-of-age film launched Shahid Kapoor as the adorable, chocolate boy of Bollywood. His acting was also praised and he was lauded as the best debut actor too.

Shahid Kapoor's movies have shown his versatility as an actor. He has grown from playing just romantic interests to more impactful, troubled characters with a message. Today, the world is swooning over the dapper Indian looks by Shahid Kapoor, his acting and his rise in the industry. Do we need to mention all the relationship lessons to learn from Shahid and Mira Kapoor? Bask in this actor’s charm by bingeing on his wonderful movies this January.

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