From Sushmita Sen to Kiara Advani, Bollywood Actresses Shut Down Sexist Questions and How

Sexist questions shut down by Bollywood Fashionistas that created an impact.

Published On Oct 07, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


For the longest time, patriarchy is embedded in our society. Women have been suppressed in most professional fields and have been thrashed with misogynistic comments. In an industry like Bollywood, where you are always in the public eye and subjected to judgment, it is not easy to avoid casual remarks or questions and keep your calm. 

From olden times to this day, Bollywood heroines are often posed with sexist questions by the press and media. But in these progressive times, big names like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra have retorted and shut down these sexist questions with a bang.

Read below about the 10 times when Bollywood actresses shut down sexist questions:

After being in the industry for more than two decades and her personal life always being out in the open for the public to scrutinize, Sushmita Sen has always weathered everything like a boss. After being asked and trolled by people about her recent relationship and calling her a gold digger, the actor did not hold back from replying. She shut down the comments by replying that she prefers diamonds and not gold and can buy them herself and does not need a man to do that for her. This response not only earned her praise for being a strong woman but also reminded people of her bold attitude 

Male actors in most interviews are asked questions related to their work and career. Whereas, female actresses are asked questions about their diet, weight, and relationships. One such question was asked to the icon Aishwarya Rai about her ex-boyfriend in a famous chat show and she responded by avoiding the drama altogether and moved on to the next question. Her response was short, crisp and made the point it needed to. 

The veteran actor has delivered some phenomenal work in the Bollywood industry. But in a press interview, she was asked by a journalist if she would shed some weight to star in a commercial movie. Her response to it was that she was comfortable in her skin and it would be great if he could change his narrow-minded perspective. 

The stunning female actor has always been private about her personal life but was the topic of the town when she got married to a man much younger than her. When the actress was asked about her husband being much younger, she replied saying that the age gap did not matter to them as a couple. She even said that people tend to make it an issue when it's an older woman, whereas men always marry a younger woman. PC made a statement for all the women out there yet again. 

The most loved female actor has been in the industry for more than a decade now. In a press conference for a movie that she produced, when a reporter asked if her husband (a successful Bollywood actor) had paid for it. The actress did not hold back and responded by saying that it was her hard-earned money and nobody else’s. To get your hard-earned credit here's to you DP!

After a long struggle and earning her place in Bollywood after immense hard work, Leone had to weather a lot of judgment from people around her. In a similar misogynistic interview by a famous journalist, the Bollywood actress was asked if he would get morally corrupted by interviewing her. Sunny chose the high road and walked away rather than entertaining him. Way to shut down subtle sexism

The talented female actor was asked by a press representative if she needed to be bold and controversial to be successful in the industry referring to an intimate scene from her movie. She shut him down by saying that it was her job and people who are insecure about their bodies are curious about others. She received applause from the audience for her bold response. 

This young actor was asked if two women in the industry could be friends. The actor’s response was not only fitting to shut down the narrow-minded perspective towards women, but also sweet towards her fellow female actors. She said that female actors in the industry can be friends and she is most comfortable around her girlfriends. She also added that when she sees a fellow actress doing well, she congratulates them and treats it as healthy competition. 

This gorgeous Bollywood actress has always been in the limelight but, when asked why she left her kid and went to the gym for her postpartum workouts, Kareena unleashed some sass. The actress said that the idea behind her going to the gym is so that she can feel healthy and happy again and it was not about getting to size zero. If her mental health was fine, her child and everyone around would be happy. 

When this Bollywood actress was asked if she would give up her career after marriage, here is what she said: “What is the point of this question? Why is it even being asked? Strangely, only a girl is asked these questions which I think is extremely sexist. Why is that even an option? Why should anyone think that just because you are in a relationship you have to give up your career? If people need to ask it, there’s a primary problem.” Now we know not to rattle Sharma with sexist questions!

Time and again Bollywood actresses had had to deal with various forms of misogyny in their line of work. Whether it is casting couch, being paid less than their co-actors or just being ill-treated at work. But, the ladies in the industry now have made it a point to not take judgments but to respond by setting an example for all the women out there! Now that’s what we call diva power!

Photo: Instagram/Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen