Discover The Power Of Akhanda Samrajya Yoga: Benefits And Analysis In Astrology

One of the rarer astrological placements to have, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga in Kundli is one of the most successful ones too. Here is all you need to know about it.

Published On May 14, 2024 | Updated On Jun 20, 2024


Practised all over the world in many forms, astrology is a powerful tool that helps one understand their own selves, and in many cases their true purpose in life. While the predictions and the outcomes may vary, your astrological placements can often be a way to understand who you are at your core, and how to maximise your potential. Different combinations of planets and their degrees make combinations, and in Vedic astrology, one of these rather powerful combinations happens to be Akhanda Samrajya Yoga.


Not very well known when it comes to astrology Yogas, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga is a rather tough alignment that is not found in many charts. It is however an astrology Yoga which, as the name suggests, brings prosperity to the native’s life, or helps them build their own ‘Samrajya’. Happening once in a while, this astrology Yoga can even take a native from a rather poor background and turn their life overnight, and send them on the path to wealth and abundance.

If you are wondering if you are the lucky one blessed with this astrology Yoga, let’s make it easier for you to understand. For there to be an Akhand Samrajya Yoga in kundli, there are certain conditions to be met. Firstly, Jupiter should be placed in either your second, or fifth or ninth, or eleventh house, and you must have a strong moon. In other words, you can also say, Akhand Samrajya Yoga in kundli can be observed in the Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio rising signs, as they can have the aforementioned Jupiter placements in their charts as well as others that enable this astrology Yoga.


For the natives with this Akhanda Samrajya Yoga in kundli or natal charts, benefits are aplenty. From influence, to wealth, to opportunities, and even access to resources, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga benefits can be seen in so many ways in the charts of the natives.

  • For natives who happen to have Jupiter in their second house of money and investments, it being the planet of wisdom and prosperity, brings abundance to this area of life. Natives with this astrology Yoga in the second house therefore have a great understanding of where to invest, and how to manage their finances well.
  • For natives with Jupiter in their fifth house, the Akhanda Samrajya Yoga benefits include a great memory, comprehension, and the ability to quickly and effectively learn new things. This astrology Yoga makes the native more creative and solution-oriented as well.
  • For natives with Jupiter in their ninth house, the effects of Akhanda Samrajya Yoga can be seen in the way they understand, experience, and imbibe the cultural values around themselves. The house also represents newer adventures, long-distance travel, and higher education, and with an astrology Yoga like this, it often brings out the cultural explorer hats in the natives.
  • For natives with Jupiter in their eleventh house, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga benefits can observed in the sheer opportunities and success they get socially. This house also represents social circles and friends, and with Akhanda Samrajya Yoga in the mix, their influence and networking skills take them far on the road to success.

While the benefits are plenty, Akhanda Samrajya Yoga depending on your set of placements can also have some negative effects. Mostly, these effects are mild, and with an Akhand Samrajya Yoga full analysis, in astrology, can be countered quite easily. 

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