5 Desi Dishes Perfect For The Winter Months


​Come winter, there is a plethora of fresh seasonal and local vegetables in the market. And nothing can be better than eating seasonal for your health.

​But if you find your in search of inspiration for winter recipes, please swipe on

​1. Palak Paneer

​The vibrant green from the spinach paired with delicate pieces of creamy paneer is sure shot winner when it comes to winter recipes.

​2. Nadru Ki Yakhni

​A quintessential Kashmiri dish made from lotus stems cooked in whole spice and a yoghurt-based curry, resulting in a delicately-flavoured, aromatic and soul-warming dish.

​3. Sarson Ka Saag

​Made with mustard greens, fenugreek and spinach, Sarson Ka Saag warms you to the core while giving you the much needed nutrition.

​4. Shalgam Matar Ki Sabzi

​Turnips and green peas are some of the bounties that winter bestows upon us. So what better way to enjoy them than with a delicious dish?

​5. Gud Til Ka Meetha Paratha

​Jaggery and sesame are not just warmth-inducing, they are also energy-rich, a reason it’s every Indian granny’s go-to home remedy for the cold.

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