Zest Showcases: India’s Top 5 Progressive Indian Restaurants

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​Progressive Indian?

​A restaurant or eatery earns the title of progressive Indian when it serves a modern interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine.

​What’s on offer?

​The dishes offered on their menu are a radical departure from the traditional by way of technique or presentation. The food served showcases individuality, creativity, and innovation.

​1. Farmlore, Bengaluru

​A 37-acre farm and restaurant in Bengaluru, Farmlore is known to beautifully marry modern techniques with seasonal, regional produce and lace it with a sense of nostalgia.

​2. Trèsind, Mumbai

​Chef Himanshu Saini’s Trèsind is constantly earning brownie points for innovation and ingenuity. The dishes served at the restaurant are aesthetically pleasing and once you take a bite, play with your palate.

​3. Avartana, Chennai

​Nestled inside the magnificent ITC Grand Chola, Avartana has redefined south Indian cuisine. The credit goes to the magical medley of traditional flavours and ingredients, with modern presentation.

​4. Comorin, Gurugram

​Comorin, spearheaded by the famous chef Manish Mehrotra and chef Dhiraj Dargan, comprises a menu that has comforting dishes from a variety of Indian cuisines but with a modern twist. Think sweet corn khichdi, arbi ghee roast, and more.

​5. Ekaa, Mumbai

​Ekaa, a contemporary bar and restaurant in South Mumbai, is known for its seasonal, ingredient-driven dining experience. Each dish promises to be unique and surprises you with flavours and presentation.

​These restaurants were the top five nominees for the Zee Zest Unlimit Awards in the best progressive Indian category. For more information on Zee Zest Unlimit Awards co-presented by L’oreal Paris New Hyaluron Moisture, click on the button below.

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