5 Indulgent Experiences Around The World For Chocolate Connoisseurs


​Haigh's Factory Tour, Australia

​Australia's oldest family-owned chocolate maker located on the edge of Adelaide's parklands, offers a tour to its entire chocolate making process. You can also stop over at the shop to buy some factory-fresh truffles and chocolate frogs.

​The Beer and Chocolate Tour, Belgium

​These small-group walking tours led by a local guide in Brussels, offer tastings at some of the most exclusive Belgian chocolatiers followed by a pub crawl where you sample a variety of local craft beers.

​Fazer Experience, Finland

​Fazer Experience Visitor Centre, just half-an-hour from Helsinki, showcases the 130-year-old iconic Finnish chocolate brand. Sign up for a guided exhibition tour that takes you around an atrium full of tropical plants, followed by multimedia displays on the chocolate making process.

​Bean to Bar Chocolate Tour, Grenada

​Located on the Caribbean Island of Grenada, Belmont Estate is a historic 17th-century plantation that offers an immersive Bean to Bar Chocolate Tour. Since it's a working plantation, you get a chance to visit the cacao fields and watch the entire process.

​Eurochocolate, Italy

​Starting Oct 15 to Oct 24 visit Perugia, only to watch it turn into the chocolate capital of Europe, with streets lined up with dozens of stalls offering artisanal produce from all over Europe. When here, make sure to visit Casa Del Cioccolato Perugina, a chocolate museum that celebrates Perugina.

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