Dolma Aunty Ke Momos Wins Trademark Fight Over The Iconic Name


​Momos matter

​Dolma Tsering who is known as Dolma Aunty, the lady behind making momos, a beloved snack in Delhi, has won a legal dispute regarding the unauthorized usage of her name and trademark.

​ Delhi High Court cancels 'Dolma' trademark

​The Delhi HC recently canned the Dolma trademark which was adopted from a man from UP who used the name without the permission from Dolma Tsering.

​Trademark used without approval

​When Dolma Tsering came to know that her trademark was used by Mohd Akram Khan, she filed a petition and requested for the cancellation of Khan's trademark. She claimed that the alleged man used the trademark without her consent further arguing that Khan's adoption of the trademark amounted to infringement and unfair competition.

​Court favours Dolma Tsering

​Delhi High Court observed that Khan did not give a response to the petition and thereby Tsering's assertions remained unchallenged. The court accepted Tsering's claims and ordered the removal of Khan's Dolma Trademark from the Trade Marks Register.

​What the court said

​"This court is of the view that the trademark of respondent No.1 be cancelled and removed from the Trade Marks Register and the same should accordingly be rectified. It is directed accordingly," said the judge in an ex-parte order, according to a report published by India Times.

​Trade mark removal order

​Khan had registered Dolma Aunty Momos back in September 2018 in a "proposed to be used basis". Tsering in her rectification petition revealed that she was awarded the registration back in November 2023 because of its usage since January 1994.

​Momos first

​Justice Anish Dayal also observed that Dolma Tsering had started a small momo shop in Lajpat Nagar in 1994. She pioneered the sale of momos and made it famous in the Delhi-NCR belt.

​ Dolma Aunty momos

​She got Delhiites hooked on to the addictive taste of momos. Her eatery is one of the most famous joints in the national capital.

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