What Makes The Mediterranean Diet So Popular?

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​Every year, US News & World Report, an American media company, publishes rankings and analyses in multiple categories including food and nutrition. A part of this is their ‘Best Diets’ list that ranks and offers information on 40 diet plans.

​The aim behind ranking diets is to help people make better resolutions when it comes to food and nutrition in the New Year. According to the 2022 list, the Mediterranean Diet (Hollywood actor Penélope Cruz’s fav!) is the no.1 best diet overall.

​This is the fifth consecutive year that the Mediterranean Diet has topped the US News & World Report’s list of best diets. It has also topped the best diets for healthy eating, easiest diets to follow, best diets for diabetes, and best heart-healthy diets list. So, what makes the Mediterranean diet so popular? Let’s find out.

​Easy to follow

​The Mediterranean Diet focuses on a healthy eating pattern and is inclusive of all food groups. Unlike other popular diets, you don’t feel overly restricted or deprived. And hence, easy to adopt and stick to.

​Balanced and flavourful

​Instead of eliminating food groups, it lets you eat everything but in a certain pattern. For instance, you must eat fish and seafood at least twice a week, consume sugar but in reduced quantities and eat more whole grains. This also promotes variety in one’s daily meals.

​Cuisine Doesn’t Matter

​You don’t have to restrict yourself to a certain cuisine but focus on food groups. For instance, the Mediterranean Diet suggests you eat unsaturated oils. So, when in Italy you can savour food cooked in olive oil, but when in India, you can switch to one made using soybean.


​This diet features fresh fruits, vegetables that have good amounts of fibre, which can help control blood sugar levels. Plus, it advises less intake of sugar, a point that works in favour of diabetics.


​According to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Mediterranean Diet may help promote heart health.

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