How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Isolation

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​Reach out

​Reaching out to your friends and family is of utmost importance when you’ve isolated due to illness or staying alone/away from home. Stay in touch with them via social media, text, or phone call; ask them how they are feeling and share your own feelings if you are comfortable.

​Give journaling a try

​Jotting down your thoughts and feelings can help you understand and process your emotions better.

​Get enough sleep

​It’s easy to fall into the binge-watch trap but understand that not getting enough sleep will leave your exhausted and cranky the next day. Sleep helps our body to recover and repair itself and get ready for a new day. It has an array of health benefits associated too, including a healthy heart, weight loss, and a sharper brain.

​Return to an old hobby

​Keeping your mind engaged is important. Read your favourite book, crochet your way to calmness, or draw yourself a beautiful picture – whatever your hobby, give it another try and see the change for yourself.

​Try a yoga or meditation class

​The pandemic saw a lot of fitness classes going online. Give that yoga or meditation class, that your friend/family member had been raving about, a try. Yoga and meditation is known to benefit us both mentally and physically.

​Try meditation apps

​If you’re not ready to join a class yet, you can download a meditation app on your phone or laptop, and take a baby step towards a healthy you. Meditation can help destress, improve focus, and help you get a good night’s sleep, among other benefits.

​Maintain a routine

​Set a routine for yourself and follow it to the T. Consistent day-to-day activities are important to keep yourself engaged.

​If none of this helps, we’d suggest you reach out to a medical professional for help.

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