Wall Press Handstands Are Becoming Bollywood’s Favourite; Here’s Why

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​Instagram’s latest fitness trend and challenge, the wall-press handstand, is encouraging people to do an interesting inversion. And while it’s not as simple as it seems, it’s fanbase is increasing by the minute, and even Bollywood celebrities are hopping on this bandwagon.

​Bollywood celebrity and yogi Malaika Arora aced the fitness challenge and shared the video on her social media.

​Before the celebrity yogi, actor Fatima Sana Shaikh had also taken this fitness challenge and executed it flawlessly. Sharing the video on her Instagram, she had written: “Finally ek trend kar liya".

​On July 7, 2022, celebrity dermatologist and fitness enthusiast Rashmi Shetty took to Instagram to share the benefits of the wall-press handstand, especially for our skin and hair. Tap on to discover.

​Improved Skin and Hair Health

​The expert wrote that this inversion pose helps nutrients and oxygen reach our face, stimulates facial capillaries, and hair follicles on the scalp, and helps reduce visual signs of toxicity, which includes acne.

​Release Muscle Tension

​Muscle tension can result into anxiety and insomnia, and such inversions may help reduce that tension and improve sleep. And improved sleep has multiple benefits for our body and mind.

​Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage

​According to the expert, such inversions also stimulate our lymphatic cleansing and drainage, which may help get rid of toxins from the tissues. The wall press handstand may also play a role in improving efficiency and effectiveness of our immune system.

​Improved Digestion

​A healthy digestive system may help our body with stronger immunity, clearer skin, and healthier hair.


​While this looks like a fun challenge, we advise you to practise the wall-press handstand in the presence of an expert, if you’re new to it. Performing it wrongly might lead to injury.

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