Top 7 Nutrition Trends For 2022


​Early Dinner And Circadian Fasting

​Eating your last meal of the day with sunset or close to it, and breaking the fast only the next day after sunrise, is what the early dinner and circadian fasting refer to. This is how ideally our body is designed to function.

​Customised Nutrition

​We are all different individuals with different goals and therefore, our diet must also be personalised and unique. What works for you, may not work for your sibling or friend.

​Embrace Hunger

​Gracefully extend your hunger for a duration you are comfortable with - 10 minutes to 30 minutes or more - and you'll help your body to balance sugar levels, accelerate fat burn, enhance digestion, boost immunity, among other things.

​Eat Slow

​Eating is a sacred art, and slow eating is one of its most essential rituals. This one lifestyle change can work wonders for portion control, better nutrient absorption, fat loss, diabetes management, and feeling psychologically content.

​Eating Global

​Disease and suffering don't differentiate and limit themselves within geographical boundaries, so why must nutrition? If you have access to foods that are not local but can help manage your condition, don't think twice. Embrace what works for you best!

​Focus on micronutrients and trace minerals

​In the coming year, we will see an increased focus on ensuring that our diet is rich in trace minerals and micronutrients.

​More Focus on Inflammation

​A lack of focus on inflammation is also one of the reasons why the world is stuck in chronic sickness today. The future of nutrition will focus on inflammation and adding foods that can keep inflammation under control, which includes basics like common kitchen spices, herbs, chemical-free foods, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and at the same time cutting down on all refined foods like sugar, flour, and oil.

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