6 Tips To Prep Better For Navratri Fasting


​Fasting helps to detoxify the body, gives one's digestive system a rest and in the bargain saves it from the hard work of digesting high-energy foods.

​If you're planning to observe a fast during Navratri, it's best to ensure that you are well-rested, emotionally prepared for the hunger-induced mood swings and not going through times of high stress. Tap ahead to check out important pointers.

​1. Clean your kitchen

​Get rid of any tempting foods or beverages that aren't aligned with the rules of fasting.

​2. Stock up

​Stock up on vrat essentials - from flours to grains, fruits - and that you’re allowed to eat at least one week prior to the day of fast.

​3. Portion size

​A few days before the fasting begins, start reducing your portion sizes. For example, if you usually have four chapatis or one full bowl of rice, you could try bringing it down to two chapatis or a 3/4th cup of rice.

​4. Eat better

​Start including more fresh fruits and veggies in your diet to ensure that the fast doesn’t come as a surprise to your system.

​5. Stay hydrated

​Always stay hydrated - be it in form of water, fruit juices or milkshakes.

​6. Avoid overeating

​You must avoid gorging yourself silly right before a fast and opt for a well-balanced meal instead.

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