This Is What Milind Soman Does To Stay Fit And Fab At 56

Instagram/Milind Soman

​For model and actor Milind Soman, “fitness is not about restriction, it’s about freedom” – his words. Milind, who is currently on a road trip from Jaisalmer to Delhi, posed with a gud (jaggery) jalebi on Instagram and spoke about how one must not choose between triceps and jalebis.

​Instead, the actor wrote, we could eat both but at the same time be responsible. And going by all the posts of his extraordinary physique on Instagram and the work he puts into that body, we couldn’t help but nod in agreement.

​Even at 56, the ‘Made in India’ model knows how to stay fit and fab. Here’s a quick compilation for you to note down.


​Milind ran his first marathon in 2004 and since then running has been his favourite fitness activity. The actor runs three to four times a week and is regularly participating in marathons – most of the time the run is connected to a cause such as breast cancer awareness and multiple sclerosis.

​Forest Bathing

​In 2020, Milind Soman introduced his fans and followers to the Japanese concept of ‘shinrin yoku’ aka forest bathing. It refers to connecting with nature through our various senses and bridging the gap between humans and nature. This technique is known to help de-stress, relax, and rejuvenate.


​A trained swimmer, Milind has been swimming for the past 50 years. He has represented India at several national and international tournaments and won accolades. In 1984, at the inaugural South Asian Games held in Kathmandu, he won a silver medal for India.


​Milind is a staunch believer in yoga and its health benefits. He starts his mornings by performing meditation and yogasana with his partner, Ankita Konwar, regardless of where they are.


​When not running, Milind goes cycling in and around the city. Occasionally, he also participates in cycling races, both short and long-distance.

​Superman Pushups

​The 'Iron Man of India' occasionally does superman pushups. These are advanced level pushups that involve raising one's body into the air and landing back to the OG pushup position. These may help muscle strength, agility, and body balance.

​Mudgal Practice

​Early 2021, he began swinging a couple of mudgals (a wooden club used for exercise) back and forth to build flexibility, shoulder and core strength and improve his grip.


​Milind inherited his love for trekking from his mother and doesn't skip an opportunity to head on one. One of his recent treks was to a mountain approx. 14,000 ft up from Gulmarg. And here's a picture of him on his way to the Sandakphu mountain peak in Darjeeling.

​Now that we’ve listed down all that Milind does to stay fit as a fiddle, it’s time for you to bookmark your favourite activities and get moving!

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