Malaika Arora’s Secret To A Strong Core

Shutterstock and Instagram/Malaika Arora

​Celebrity yogi and entrepreneur Malaika Arora is back with another ‘move of the week’ and this time it is a video clip of one of the yogasanas that help strengthen her core.

​This video featured her performing the ‘tripada marjariasana’ and her caption listed the benefits of this yoga pose. “For me, yoga has always been the go-to workout for strengthening my core muscles,” read a part of her caption.

​Tripada Marjariasana

​This yogasana is a variation of the cat-cow pose and it mainly targets our core muscles, spine, knees, and neck. It involves a leg lift.

​Strong core – importance

​For the uninitiated, a strong core may help tone your muscles and improve your everyday tasks.

​1. Spinal health

​Tripada marjariasana stretches and strengthens the backbone and knee muscles; and improves flexibility and mobility.

​2. Good posture

​The spine stretch involved in this yoga pose also massages the spine and helps relieve all the tension from the neck, knees, and torso.

​3. Balance

​It engages multiple parts of your body in strong muscular movement rather than focusing on being still, which may prove an effective way to create balance.

​4. Body Stability

​This asana involves slow movement and deep breathing, and is a great way to build muscle stability, and build body awareness and strength.


​Malaika suggests you practice this yogasana in a set of 10 on each side to work up a great sweat.

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