Expert Advice:5 Tips To Relish Fruits The Ayurvedic Way For A Healthier You


​We all eat fruits but most of us don't eat it the right way and probably causing more harm than good. Dr Alka Vijayan, Ayurveda nutrition expert and founder, Tanmatra Ayurveda Centre shares her expert tips how one must eat fruits the Ayurvedic way.

​Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants but we overindulge without being mindful our dosha type. For eg, people with pitta (fire and water) dosha should avoid too much citrus fruits. Here are 5 tips from Vijayan on how to eat fruits to reap maximum benefits.

​1. Consume Any One Fruit At A Time

​Do not have a bowl of a variety of fruits at one go. Instead, eat one fruit at a time. Cut fruits should be eaten immediately or else they tend to lose their nutrients.

​2. Eat It As A Mid-Meal

​Dr Vijayan recommends avoiding fruits for breakfast but more as a mid-meal snack to curb cravings before lunch.

​3. Do Not Combine Fruits With Carbs

​Combining fruits with other carbs such as bread, nut butters, chocolates or any cooked food will not let your body absorb all the goodness that fruits have to offer.

​4. Fruits Are Not Desserts

​People often tend to go for a fruit after lunch or dinner as a dessert. Avoid this completely and eat a fruit on its own without teaming it with any other food group or even as dessert.

​5. Chew Them Down

​Chew your food and don't add them to a smoothie or a juice. Eat them as they are meant to, but remember to wash them properly first.

​Adding a fruit to your daily diet definitely adds to your but Dr Vijayan adds a reminder that "all fruits are not for everyone' and one should keep in mind one's dosha and consult an Ayruveda expert as to which fruits to consume and which to avoid".

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