Basics Of Chandra Namaskar And Its Health Benefits

Shutterstock and Instagram/Varun Dhawan

​Varun Dhawan's favourite yoga exercise, the Chandra Namaskar cultivates lunar energy and the term literally means 'moon salutation' in English.

​The moon salutation or Chandra Namaskar is cooling, receptive and meditative. And its about movement, breath, connecting to your body and finding peace.

​A classical Chandra Namaskar is made up of nine asanas and the sequence consists of 28 steps (14 steps on each side, right and left) that present lunar phases.

​Chandra Namaskar puts focus on the lower body and bending sideways. This yoga sequence is performed sideways or laterally along the mat.

​The best time to practice Chandra Namaskar is when the moon is up and shining.

​One must practice Chandra Namaskar on an empty stomach or after at least three to four hours of a light meal.

​Chandra Namaskar helps maintain focus, strengthens all major muscle groups, aids flexibility, tones abdomen, massages abdominal organs and boosts metabolism.

​Its calming properties, which basically balances one’s emotions, are known to help people cope with stress and anxiety.

​This yoga sequence can be practiced by one and all, regardless of age, body type and condition.

​Remember that with Chandra Namaskar you must go slow. Also, practice it under the guidance of a yoga expert initially to ensure your posture is correct.

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