7 Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Metabolism

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​Here are seven simple lifestyle changes to improve your metabolism.

​All of us want our metabolism to be efficient but what determines your metabolism in the first place? It’s a lifestyle and the daily choices you make around food, exercise, sleep, and other habits.

​1. Deep sleep

​Sleep is when we also undergo the detoxification process, so a lack of sleep means toxin overload. A toxic body is bound to have a slow metabolism.

​2. Respect the circadian rhythm

​Eating in alignment with our circadian rhythm can also hugely support our metabolism. According to the circadian rhythm, metabolism is at its peak during the afternoon, and it starts to dip towards evening and night.

​3. Drinking water

​Even a one per cent drop in your hydration status can cripple your metabolism and slow you down. Drink warm water, whenever possible, since it increases the metabolic rate.

​4. Build lean muscle mass

​The more muscle you have, the more your body produces a hormone called HGH which is a human growth hormone, and the more you have of that the higher your metabolic rate is.

​5. Eat good fats

​Your body needs fats, the good ones to maintain optimal metabolism. In fact, good fats like ghee, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, and avocados, help produce more energy.

​6. HIIT Workout

​High intensity interval workouts can truly put your body in a fat-burning mode by activating your metabolism.

​7. Quality supplements

​While this is never a replacement for lifestyle choices, if there is a serious clinical condition where metabolism has taken a hit, consult an expert for supplements that may help.

​If there was ever a time to start paying attention to your metabolic health, it's now.

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