6 Yummy Gummies To Try Right Now

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​Gummies are quite the rage these days and from hair health to promoting sleep, there’s a gummy there for everyone.

​1. Vi & Ash

​One of the newest entrants in the gummies segment, Vi & Ash’s energy-boosting gummies contain a proprietary blend of caffeine, vitamins B3, B6 and D, and also improves metabolism, fights fatigue, etc. It also tastes like coffee and is 100 per cent vegan and preservative-free.

​2. Power Gummies

​If you’re having trouble with sleep, try Blessful Sleep Gummies that come with melatonin, passiflora extracts and vitamin B6. It helps you to rest well and in the process regenerate your skin health.

​3. Nyumi

​Fortified with turmeric, Nyumi’s core immunity gummies also have tulsi and are packed with antioxidants that are also anti-inflammatory. Plus they come in a lovely tangy flavour and make a great addition to your daily diet.

​4. Be Bodywise

​Be Bodywise’s Hair Health Gummies are designed to control and prevent hair fall and to encourage hair growth. They are 100 per cent vegetarian and have no added sugar. It’s recommended to take these gummies for at least 3 to 6 months.

​5. Welly

​Keep your hair and skin in good shape with these beauty gummies by Welly. The little chewable are laden with vegan collagen, vitamin C, biotin, and aloe vera and help promote hair and skin health.

​6. Cureveda Glow

​Cureveda Glow comes with vegan protein to promote skin repair and growth, contains petal powder to encourage collagen production and also has sea buckthorn and evening primrose

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