6 Healthy Seeds To Consume This Summer



​Flaxseeds are a powerhouse of Omega-3 that helps to reduce the risk of cancer. They are also a good source of lignans which has antioxidant properties.


​Sunflower Seeds

​Sunflower seeds are rich sources of vitamin B1, vitamin E, and copper. They help to curb appetite and also keeps diabetes at bay.


​Chia Seeds

​Chia seeds are the most popular seeds that are used in smoothies and salads. They are extremely rich in calcium and help to maintain good bone health.


​Pumpkin Seeds

​Pumpkin seeds are a rich source of iron, which is a key mineral to maintain high energy levels. Roast and toss them in your salads and oatmeal to reap its benefits.


​Fenugreek Seeds

​Fenugreek seeds also known as 'methi seeds' are commonly used in Indian cooking. They help in reducing sugar blood levels in diabetics and are beneficial for hair growth.


​Sabza Seeds

​Sabza seeds or basil seeds are native to India. They are rich in antioxidants and help in controlling diabetes. Being a cooling agent, they are extensively used in milkshakes during summers.

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