6 Modern Yoga Styles You Must Know About

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​While traditional yoga, in its essence, is a holistic practice that can benefit all ages, the new styles of yoga can bring a modern twist that can make it more appealing and accessible to people, Dr Jitendra Varshney, wellness director of Six Senses Vana tells us as he shares newer types and variations of yoga.

​1. Yoga Fusion

​Here, yoga is combined with other fitness modalities such as dance and functional training to incorporate the best of everything in the fitness practice.

​2. Aerial Yoga

​In this type of yoga, poses (asanas) are performed in a hammock while you are suspended in the air. It improves flexibility, strength, and balance, and adds a sense of fun and enjoyment to the workout.

​3. Acrobatic Yoga

​Acrobatic aka Acro Yoga combines elements of yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage into a physical practice. It is practised in pairs or groups, and involves physical contact.

​4. Aqua Yoga

​In Aqua Yoga, the yoga poses are performed in a shallow swimming pool. It may help improve your strength and reduce anxiety, among other health benefits.

​5. Couple Yoga

​Couple Yoga as its name suggests is performed in pairs. It is a form of yoga where two people perform poses that require the support of each other or mirror one another in poses in a cooperative manner.

​6. Yogalates

​This a combination of Yoga and Pilates and it emphasises on core strengthening exercises to create a well-rounded mind and body workout.

​There’s no harm in trying new styles of yoga if these promote physical and mental health benefits. Also, you must consult an expert before opting for a new form of workout to ensure safety and proper guidance.

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