6 Common Mistakes That Are Harming Your Vagina

​Women, our vaginas are capable of incredible things but the organ may sometimes need our help.

​Here are six common mistakes women must avoid because they are harming their lady part.

​1. Lacy, silk, and satin fabrics

​Choose breathable and comfortable undergarments over silk, satin, and synthetic fabrics like polyester and lace.

​2. Cleaning too much

​The vagina has self-cleaning abilities, so avoid using intimate washes, deo sprays or powders to clean it further. Also, the use of such products, if done, then must be limited to external use only.

​3. Not hydrating

​Drinking plenty of water not only helps your body beat the heat from the inside out but also flushes out toxins and infections.

​4. Sugary or caffeinated drinks

​Avoid sugary drinks, caffeine, and colas. Your best bet could be plain or infused water and fruit/vegetable juices.

​5. Douching

​Rinsing the vagina may disturb the pH balance, and that’s like an open invitation to infections and several other health problems.

​6. Bikini Wax

​Grooming is a personal choice. But pubic hair safeguards you from infection, traps harmful bacteria and prevents them from penetrating the skin, so rethink that wax session.

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