6 Bedtime Rituals For A Good Night’s Sleep

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​Our body is like a machine, and it needs maintenance. Sleep is the phase that takes care of the maintenance and clean-up.

​If you’re facing trouble sleeping, follow these bedtime rituals by holistic lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho.

​1. No gadgets at bed

​Switch off all gadgets and screens in the evening to reduce artificial light exposure.

​2. Avoid heavy meals

​Avoid heavy meals before you sleep or leave at least a two-hour gap between this meal and sleep time.

​3. Warm beverage

​If you wish to have a warm beverage before bed, pick a herbal tea instead of a caffeinated drink.

​4. No exercise

​Avoid exercising right before going to bed since the activity can raise your heartbeat and disrupt your sleep schedule.

​5. Breathing exercises

​Practice pranayama, anulomvilom or alternate breathing technique, these exercises are great to calm your body.

​6. Sleep-wake cycle

​Stick to a particular sleep and wake up time daily. It will allow the melatonin hormones that control your natural sleep-wake cycle to work naturally.

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