6 Ayurvedic Diet Tips To Follow During Monsoon

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​As per Ayurveda, during the monsoon season, your vata is aggravated, pitta is accumulated and kapha is controlled or pacified. These three doshas govern the functions of your body on physical and emotional level.

​Imbalance of these can lead to various ailments like joint pain, body ache, indigestion, and cold. Follow these Ayurvedic diet tips to build immunity and stay fit during monsoon.

​1. Spice things up

​Spices like turmeric, ginger and black pepper boast of antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and immunity-boosting properties, so they must be part of your everyday meals.

​2. Eat seasonal fruits

​Seasonal fruits such as jamun, plum, peaches, pomegranates and pears must be included in your diet. They are high in nutrients such as fibre, vitamin A, C, and antioxidants.

​3. Add more pulses and grains

​Pair pulses like green gram and masoor dal with grains like rice, millets, and amaranth (everything except wheat or wheat-based foods) because they are easy to digest and nourishing.

​4. Snack on dry fruits

​They are rich sources of energy loaded with antioxidants and may boost your immune system. Hence, you must replace your usual snacks with dry fruits during monsoon.

​5. Eat astringent foods

​Unripe papaya, pomegranate, legumes, ginger, and other such astringent foods are cooling in nature and are good for boosting immunity.

​6. Drink warm vegetable soups

​Seek comfort in warm vegetable soups spiced up with ginger, garlic, and pepper during the rainy season. They are extra helpful for people with cold and cough.


​These dos and don’ts are generic. Please consult an Ayurvedic doctor to find out which body type you are – vata, pitta or kapha – and get pointed suggestions. Abrupt changes in diet and lifestyle could lead to health problems.

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