6 At-Home Exercises To Beat Monsoon Fatigue


​Fatigue, sleepiness, low energy, and mood swings are a few common symptoms of monsoon lethargy.

​Exercising releases endorphins aka feel-good hormones, which eventually make us more energetic. Tap ahead to check out expert-approved exercises to beat monsoon lethargy at home.

​1. Butt Kicks

​Butt kicks help get your heart rate up gradually, boost your stamina, and work on your core and lower body.

​2. Push-ups

​Push-ups are a type of weight-bearing exercise that help increase circulation, warm up our body, and boost energy levels.

​3. Squats

​A dynamic strength-training exercise, the squat helps us with several movements that we perform throughout the day and decreases the risk of injury when added to our daily fitness routine.

​4. Jump Squats

​A variation of the traditional squat, the jump squat mainly targets the muscles of our lower body including glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

​5. High Knees

​High knees, at a slower pace and intensity, can get your heart pumping, which makes it great for cardiovascular health.

​6. Mountain Climbers

​Mountain climber is a fun exercise that engages multiple muscle groups, all at once.

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