5 Ways To Avoid Stress In Daily Life


​Dr Sudha Nair, naturopath and lifestyle coach, Dharana at Shillim, shares with us five simple ways to avoid stress in daily life.

​1. Pause

​Before you react to a particular instance or event, take a step back, pause, and think. A stressful situation can make you lose the power of good judgement.

​2. Healthy diet

​A well-nourished body is well-equipped to handle stress, so ensure you eat healthy, nutritious food as part of your daily diet.

​3. Sleep well

​Ensure you get enough sleep at night since it relaxes and rejuvenates your body and mind. It is advised to get seven to eight hours of sleep daily, and it may help you stay prepared to handle any stressors.

​4. Exercise

​Yoga, aerobics or walking - no matter what your choice of exercise, it is recommended that you practice it daily. Exercising is known to help boost energy.

​5. Monitor

​Keep a track of your addictive habits - food, alcohol, binge-watching, or something else - since those can increase your stress levels.

​6. Organise

​Create a to-do list, and then prioritise and complete tasks in time to avoid unnecessary stress.

​These are just general pointers that can help avoid stress in everyday life. However, if you feel stress is taking a toll on your body or mind, it is advised to take expert assistance.

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