5 Tips To Eat Smart This Festive Season


​The most exciting time of the year - the festive season - is upon us. And while we get ready it, the fear of side-tracking our fitness goals has started to creep in.

​Celebrity nutritionist Luke Coutinho helps us with tips on how to eat smart this festive season. Tap ahead to read.

​1. Control your portions

​Want to try the entire spread? Take a little bit of all that you want to—leave greed and gluttony behind.

​2. Make it at home

​If you make your favourite dishes at home from scratch then you will have control over the ingredients and the process. You can opt for healthier ingredients - natural sugar over refined, for instance.

​3. Balance is key

​Can you eat atleast one homemade and healthy meal during the festivities, if not all? Creating this balance will help you.

​4. Circadian fasting

​Enjoy it all but practice circadian fasting - the most natural and doable way to fast. This way you can give your body a break—by doing simple 12-hour fasting from sunset to sunrise.

​5. Exercise

​Have all the fun you want, but make sure you are not sedentary. Practice a physical activity at home. Workouts do not have to be for an hour— they could even be for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minutes.

​Now there's your middle ground between having all the fun you want while maintaining your health goals.

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