5 Nutrition Tips For Shravan Fasting


​Shravan fasting involves a single meal, Eka Bhukta Bhojan, consumed after sunset, comprising specific fasting foods. Devotees abstain from alcohol, non-vegetarian food, salt, garlic, and onion during this sacred time.

​Fasting during Shravan is not about starvation but fostering self-control and detoxification. Plan your diet of Shravan foods wisely for a healthy fasting experience.

​1. Dairy products

​Incorporate dairy products like sugar-free fruit milkshakes and fruit lassi for sustained energy.

​2. Hydration

​Maintain electrolytes and hydration with unsweetened buttermilk and coconut water, rich in sodium, potassium, and minimal sugar. These refreshing beverages are perfect alternatives to fasting foods.

​3. Eat dry fruits and nuts

​Boost your nutrition with dry fruits and nuts such as almonds, walnuts, and dates. They provide essential protein and omega-3 fatty acids for your Shravan fasting journey.

​4. Smart swaps

​Swap starchy potatoes for healthier alternatives like rajgira and singhara (water chestnuts). Enjoy parathas, sheera, and kheer made from these ingredients, and avoid deep-frying your Shravan foods. Incorporate millets for added nutrition.

​5. Cooling drinks

​Complement your fasting foods with a rejuvenating cooler drink. Create a cucumber, celery, mint, and lemon concoction to stay hydrated and refreshed throughout Shravan fasting.

​Incorporating these mindful choices into your Shravan fasting routine ensures a wholesome and nourishing experience, celebrating both tradition and well-being.

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