5 Mistakes To Avoid If You're On A Pre-Wedding Detox

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​Giving your body a break by going on a detox is a good idea, especially before your wedding day, to ensure you're healthy inside and out.

​However, the steps you take to do so is equally important. Here are five mistakes you must avoid when on a detox, according to experts.

​1. Don't skip meals

​Forgoing meals is a BAD idea. It leads to lower than required calorie consumption, which will not only reduce your nutrient intake but also your energy levels.

​2. Eat carbs wisely

​Not all carbohydrates are evil—you just need to choose the right ones for your diet. Eat complex ones in the form of whole grains, whole pulses, and whole fruits.

​3. Say no to fad diets

​You might lose a couple of inches while following fad diets, but it may come with a downside like saggy skin, lack of lustre in your hair, and low energy.

​4. No experiments

​Avoid incorporating new foods and products in your daily diet before the wedding. You don't really want to cut it too close.

​5. No crash diets

​Quick solutions such as starvation diets aren't the solution and it may affect your health badly. Give yourself time and space.

​Brides and grooms, if you detox well in time, it can help your body, mind, and soul be in a better space and you'll be able to enjoy your wedding to the fullest.

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