10 Marathon Training Tips For Beginners

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​Here are expert tips to help you get to the finish line, and mark that much-awaited marathon off your bucket list.

​1. Complete health check-up

​Go for a complete physical test (eg: calcium, vitamin B12 and D, iron, magnesium, transferrin saturation and kidney profile) and discuss any injuries or health concerns with your doctor.

​2. Training routine

​Go for a well-spaced out training routine to make sure you gain both, strength and stamina, before the big run. Ensure your routine is safe and effective.

​3. Right time to start

​Experts suggest starting to train three months prior to the day of the marathon and running five or six times a week.

​4. Hack for dedication

​You can always join a group of other runners and train together to keep up the energy levels.

​5. Take it slow

​If you are a novice runner, it’s always better if you run a few shorter races, prior to committing yourself to a marathon.

​6. Lifestyle changes

​It’s important that you fix your sleep timings, avoid skipping meals, drinking alcohol and smoking.

​7. Rest plenty

​Get more rest than usual and ensure you're getting a good night's nap. Also, experts recommend taking a break from the training, if your body demands.

​8. Calorie consumption

​More calorie consumption during marathon training can help maintain your muscle protein and your blood sugar levels.

​9. Hydrate

​Stay well-hydrated throughout the run - during training as well as the marathon - since it will help prevent decreased coordination and muscle cramping.

​10. Diet

​Eating a combination of foods rich in carbohydrates and proteins helps to rebuild the muscles after exercise.

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