5 Foods And Drinks Nutritionists Never Buy

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​Most nutritionists stick by the mantra of moderation. Eat whatever you feel like but in moderation.

​And yet, there are certain foods and drinks that you will never find in a nutritionist's grocery list because they contain no nutritional value. Read on to find out.

​1. Diet soda

​Diet soda is high on acid content, according to nutritionist Payal Kothari. This acid may corrode our stomach's lining and intestines, which can result to inflammation.

​2. Margarine

​Delhi-based Dr Kavita Devgn prefers regular butter over margarine because the latter is simply processed trans fats, which are harmful to our heart. Trans fats raise bad cholesterol and lower the good one.

​3. MSG

​Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a big no for Bengaluru-based nutritionist Anupama Menon. "It is an excitotoxin that excites our cells to such an extent that it could cause brain damage," she reveals.

​4. Fruit juices

​Nutritionist Shirin Kapadia from Mumbai prefers whole fruits over fruit juices. "Fruit juices contain way too much sugar than one can consume at one go," she explains.

​5. Ready-to-cook meals

​Almost all the ingredients added to these meals, in the form of sodium, sugar, artificial chemicals, and colours, are unhealthy – no nutrition at all - shares Shirin.

​Now that you know what nutritionists are avoiding to stay healthy, don't you think it is time to rethink that grocery list?

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