Fasting This Festive Season? Check Out These Recipes


​With festivities comes occasional abstinence and fasting. But it is not a dreary affair. Here are some dishes and foods that you can enjoy on your next festive fast.

​Fresh fruits

​Nothing is refreshing and satiating as fruits while on a fast. Rich in fibre and much-needed sugars, fruits keep your tummy filled while boosting energy.

​Aloo ka Halwa

​This is a common dish made in Uttar Pradesh, especially during Navratri. This dessert provides energy to sustain you through the day.

​Singhade ki kheer

​Just three spoons of singhada or waterchestnut flour will afford a dessert for an entire family! What else do you need to know?

​Kuttu ki kadhi

​Buckwheat flour is a popular fasting ingredient in India. It is a great alternative to wheat or rice. Here is a different use of buckwheat or kuttu.

​Amaranth Aloo Rosti

​If you love chaat, you can’t stay away from a good aloo tikki. But here is alternative designed especially

​Rajgira Paratha

​When regular aloo ka paratha is out of bounds during fasts, this amaranth or rajgira paratha comes to the rescue. Take it a notch higher with homemade paneer stuffing.

​Fasting dos and donts

​Eating nutritious and healthy is an imperative when fasting. Check nutritionist’s recommendation for how to eat healthy when fasting.

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