5 Diet Mistakes To Avoid During Festive Season

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​Weight gain is a common concern among Indians during the long festive season since bingeing on treats is a major part of the celebrations.

​If the guilt of forsaking your fitness goals is coming in the way of your festive binge, here are five diet mistakes to avoid.

​1. Say no to overeating

​Your body does not know what to do with excess food, even when you’re overdoing it on salad. Excess is stored as energy by the body, and this energy is mainly in the form of fat.

​2. Goodbye, guilt

​Instead of cursing yourself for eating that dessert, make that energy positive by practicing an affirmation. For example: I have prepared myself for this festive season. I am going to eat in moderation and thoroughly enjoy it. My body knows how to digest it well."

​3. Avoid late-night meals

​Your body is just not designed to digest meals at night. As much as possible, avoid eating late-night meals.

​4. Don't be strict

​Avoid being strict with yourself and do not resist. Often, when we try to fight cravings—leading to psychological deprivation, which builds up over time. And then there comes a time when we let ourselves go entirely and over binge.

​5. Don't Binge On Just Carbs

​Festive meals are usually high in carbs but low in protein and fibre. Be smart and balance your meals wisely to ensure a healthy you.

​We understand that it's difficult to stick to your health goals during the festive season, but these smart tips may help keep you healthy and happy.

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