5 Celebrities Who Motivated Us To Hit The Gym This Week

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​Admit it or not, we all want to quit our sedentary lifestyle and practice a fitness activity (or activities) to stay fit and healthy. But life continues and many find it hard to make time for themselves, let alone workout.

​If you need some motivation, here are a bunch of Bollywood celebrities who shared videos and photos of their workout - not only to flaunt their fitness achievements but also to remind you that hard work pays off.

​1. Esha Gupta

​Always finding her zen through workout, Bollywood actor Esha Gupta’s dedication to her workout is commendable. Her fitness regime is a combination of exercises, but this week she shared a video of her practicing body weight and dumbbell exercises.

​2. Soha Ali Khan

​Mompreneur, author, and actor Soha Ali Khan takes her fitness seriously and often gives us a glimpse of her hardcore routine. This week, she was seen performing resistance band exercises, and she also took the trending wall press handstand challenge.

​3. Karan Patel

​Bollywood and TV actor Karan Patel nailed a backflip and made a perfect landing, impressing fitness pro Tiger Shroff. “Never late to learn something new,” wrote Karan in his video caption.

​4. Karishma Tanna

​Karishma Tanna doesn’t like to take any shortcuts when it comes to maintaining her lean and toned physique. The actor shared her video that gave a peek into her leg workout. She performs body weight and resistance band exercises.

​5. Malaika Arora

​Malaika started her week with a 1-minute yoga video that teaches you how to perform chakravasana aka cat-cow stretch, which is known to help relieve stress.

​Enough motivation to start working out? Now set your own fitness goals and sweat it out at your pace. And if you need some help, Zeezest.com has a bunch of health and fitness stories you can explore.

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