5 Benefits Of Yoga For Mental Health


​While many still turn to yoga for weight loss and physical fitness, Tanvi Mehra, yoga educator and founder of Tangerine Arts Studio, Bandra, tells us that the practice’s benefits go beyond that.

​The expert believes that yoga helps us become the best version of ourselves not just physically but also mentally. And the importance of mental health can’t be emphasised enough today.

​Improves focus

​Focusing on breathing and balance to ensure you perform your asanas right helps you clear your thoughts, calm your senses, and improves your brains’ ability to focus.

​Calms your mind

​We use the asana to pay attention to our breath, we use the breath to get into our mind, and use our mind to get into meditation – it’s a beautiful ladder that leads to a calmer mind.

​Improves self-awareness

​Yoga, in a way, builds a voice within us that helps us be more self-aware, aware about our emotions and actions, and makes us feel more connected to our body and mind.

​Enhances social life

​Social ties are known to have a positive impact on our mental health. When we are better connected with ourselves, it becomes easier to build a better connection with people around us. Which eventually promotes a sense of belonging and bonding.

​Boosts self-confidence

​Regular practice of yoga can help us get rid of stress and instill a sense of empowerment, which makes us calmer and improves our confidence levels. There is a certain affirmation within yourself, and that can help you be more confident.

​Now that you’ve read about how yoga can help better your mental health, it’s time you start looking at this ancient practice not just as an exercise or workout but an experience.

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