Mental Health Matters: 5 Benefits Of Sound Bath Meditation


​What is a sound bath?

​A healing therapy that helped British singer-songwriter Adele cope with anxiety, sound bath is a type of meditation where you listen to different types of sounds created by instruments.

​Instruments used

​Tibetan bowl, rattles, brass bowls, quartz crystal singing bowls, ocean drum and rain stick are a few of the instruments used in sound healing.

​Now that you know what this technique is, tap ahead to know about the benefits of sound bath meditation.

​1. Deep relaxation

​The various sounds of this alternative healing technique help your body to relax and put you in a deep meditative state.

​2. Relieves stress

​It creates an environment around you that reduces stress and promotes calmness. It slows down your heart and respiratory rate.

​3. Improves sleep

​Scientifically, it helps lower the brain waves, down to theta or delta, that can help you relax, according to sound therapist Aparna Sundar. And that helps you get better sleep.

​4. Improves mood and well-being

​Sound baths help you manage your emotions better and may help alter your outlook towards life.

​5. Improves focus

​When you are calm and free from stress, you feel more centered and balanced. It helps you realign and connect better with your mind and body.

​Point to note

​These are the most common ways in which sound bath can help a person. But Aparna points out that sound healing is subjective and the experience may different from person to person, from session to session.

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