4 Lifestyle Tweaks To Beat Monsoon Lethargy


​Is the rainy weather and limited sunlight making you feel low and tired, and disrupting your everyday schedule? It may be monsoon lethargy.

​Monsoon lethargy is caused when the production of melatonin in your body goes up. It may be due to limited exposure to sunlight.

​Tap ahead to learn four lifestyle tweaks to help you beat monsoon lethargy.

​1. Exercise

​A simple combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises may help increase energy levels without draining you out, according to fitness experts.

​2. Sun exposure

​Whenever the sun is out, make sure you take some time out and take a sun bath. This will help reduce the level of melatonin and help decrease your lethargy.

​3. Eat right

​Foods that are rich in protein and fibre—nuts and legumes, for example—help nourish our body and indirectly help us beat monsoon blues.

​4. Limit fat intake

​Fat-loaded foods such as fried food induce lethargy. Avoid such foods as much as possible or eat those in moderation.

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