3 Lifestyle Changes Masaba Gupta Swears By

Instagram/Masaba Gupta

​Whether it’s her weight loss transformation or her personal life, fashion designer Masaba Gupta is known for always keeping it real.

​In her latest Instagram post, Masaba revealed three lifestyle changes that have been a life-changing for her.

​She wrote, “Weight loss and good health all start with the small stuff right? Right! The three small changes I made for big results!”

​The first one is ‘balance’. In the video, Masaba said, “I introduced balance into my life, which is the balance of all the junk food I like and some really nutritious and nourishing food.”

​The second one is working out six times a week, which has helped her get fitter and better.

​The third and the most important one is not checking her phone for the first hour after she wakes up. She said, “I spend the first hour of my day just reading, spending time with nature, looking out of my window and not looking at my phone.”

​She further stresses on how consistency is always key and how being fit has helped her live a no filter life.

​Masaba is addicted to working out, but she’s not complaining about it. In one of her earlier posts, she wrote, “More time training = better brain function = better decision making = better output! I might be addicted to working out but who's complaining!”

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