Nutritionist-Approved Snacks With 100 Calories Or Less

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​Steamed Momos: 60 Calories

​Two pieces of steamed momos make for a quick and filling snack.

​Fruit Bowl: 75 to 100 Calories

​An ideal fruit bowl should contain 100 gms of strawberries, a medium-sized orange, and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder or chilli flakes.

​Air-Popped Corn – 95 Calories

​Three cups of air-popped corn with a sprinkle of chilli flakes. And if you don’t like popcorn, check the button below for healthier alternatives to it.

​Carrots With Hummus

​This combo makes for a high protein snack. Take two-three carrots, cut into sticks, and eat them with two tablespoons of hummus.

​Chia Seeds With Milk And Honey

​A cup of milk with a teaspoon of chia seeds and honey works as a great snack. You can add cocoa powder to the milk for better flavour.

​Open Sandwich

​Take a slice of whole wheat bread, assemble 10 grams of feta cheese, two tablespoons of grilled vegetables of your choice and a dollop of salsa on it.


​A helping of about 150 grams of yoghurt with a pinch of cinnamon powder makes for a tasty snack. Yoghurt is high in protein and cinnamon acts as a natural fat burner.

​Spinach With Eggs Or Paneer

​Saute 100 gms spinach in oil and season with salt and pepper. Once done, relish it with 2 egg whites or 30 gms of paneer.

​Makhana (Lotus Seeds)

​All you need is a cup of makhana roasted in 3/4th teaspoon of ghee and seasoned with salt and pepper.

​Roasted Almonds

​Eat eight roasted almonds as a snack. You can make it tastier by drizzling the almonds with two teaspoons of melted chocolate chips. Snack meets dessert, eh?

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