10 Benefits Of A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet


​Helps manage lifestyle diseases

​A few years ago, Sonam Kapoor had declared that this diet helped her bid adieu to Diabetes and PCOD. The whole food plant-based diet (WFPB) helps manage lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and hormonal imbalances.

​Aids weight loss

​Most of the plant foods are loaded with fibre and nutrients and are low in calories. These ensure your body gets proper nutrition and you feel full faster. These factors help us lose excess weight.

​Leaves you energised

​Our body is designed for plants, and it takes less energy to break down plant foods, assimilate them and get the required nutrients from them.

​Boosts your athletic performance

​Plant foods contain sufficient protein! That apart, they change our internal ecosystem to alkaline, which boosts our immune system and improves recovery.

​No need to count calories

​Once you are over the addiction inbuilt in animal products, refined sugar and processed foods, your taste buds return to their original sensitivity. Then the pleasure you experience from the subtle flavours of pure simple fruits and vegetables is something no words can do justice.

​No animal is harmed

​Once you realise that your diet is not just the perfect one for you, but also ensures that no animal was harmed, exploited, or killed to be your food, you may begin to wonder how you never made this connection before.

​Helps conserve water

​The meat and dairy industry combined use 1/3rd of the entire planet’s fresh water! A thousand gallons of water goes into producing one litre of milk.

​Promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle

​A plant-based diet can cut your carbon footprint by at least 50% or more! Livestock industry is the single largest contributor to carbon emissions globally – contributing 38% more emissions than the energy industry, 28% more than transportation and 12.5% more than the industrial sector.

​Saves forests

​Meat eaters require 18 times more land than plant eaters. Why? Because one acre of land can produce 375 pounds of meat or 37000 pounds of plant food.

​Helps reduce world hunger

​The current amount of grain production in the world is more than sufficient to feed every hungry mouth. However, instead of feeding the people, poor countries end up exporting grain to richer countries to feed their farmed animals!

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