Here's Why Google Doodle Is Celebrating Pani Puri


​Google, the search engine giant, is celebrating one of India's most famous street snacks, pani puri, on its doodle today.

​The vibrant Google Doodle is an interactive one, which leads to a fun game where you must help a street food vendor to fulfil pani puri orders by matching customers' flavour and quantity preferences.

​The interactive game is like bubble-matching puzzles, which are popular on mobile phones.

​But why is Google Doodle celebrating pani puri today? According to the search giant, on July 12, 2015, an Indore, Madhya Pradesh-based restaurant made it to the Golden Book of World Records for serving the most flavours of pani puri.

​The restaurant offered 51 unique flavour options to its customers on this day back in 2015.

​The Oxford Dictionary defines pani puri as 'an Indian dish consisting of a number of puris (fried puff pastry balls) filled with spiced mash potato and spiced water'.

​Pani puri has several variations and names across India. For instance, in Haryana, it is called pani patashi, while people in Madhya Pradesh call it fulki. Meanwhile, in Bengal and Bihar, this street snack is called puchka.

​The stuffing of the puri and spiced water differs from region to region. While some use boiled potatoes, others use boiled moong, salted boondi, and boiled yellow peas.

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