12 Hearty Winter Special Dishes From Across India

​1. Harisa, Kashmir

​A traditional mutton and rice preparation mixed with spices such as fennel, cardamom and cloves, Harisa is made with lean mutton and eaten with kanderczout, a local bread.

​2. Dubke, Uttarakhand

​A winter staple in Kumaoni households, dubke or dubuk is a type of pakora curry made using a variety of local lentils such as bhatt and gahat.

​3. Sarson ka saag, Punjab

​Also popular in Delhi and Haryana, sarson ka saag is best relished with makki di roti (maize flatbread) and dollops of white butter. Sarson ka saag is made using mustard greens and a couple of other leafy greens.

​4. Nimona, Uttar Pradesh

​Nimona is a spicy pea and potato curry made using fresh green peas available during winter. It is best enjoyed with steamed rice.

​5. Jadoh, Meghalaya

​Meghalayan winter is incomplete without Jadoh, a traditional rice dish prepared in pork or chicken fat.

​6. Dohneiiong, Meghalaya

​Another winter special from Meghalaya is dohneiiong, a pork dish made with black sesame paste and soybeans. These are also a part of the Christmas feast in the state.

​7. Koraishutir Kochuri, West Bengal

​No Bengali winter is complete without koraishutirkochuri, a deep-fried puffed bread stuffed with a flavourful mixture of hing-infused green peas.

​8. Kosha Mangsho, West Bengal

​Kosha Mangsho, a mutton curry cooked with ground and whole spices, with luchis (maida puris) proves to be pure bliss, during winter season.

​10. Bajre ka khichda, Rajasthan

​This pearl millet khichdi is one of Rajasthan's favourite winter warmers. It can be eaten with either jaggery or garlic chutney.

​9. Kumurat diya hanhor mangxo, Assam

​The Kumurat diya hanhor mangxo, a duck meat curry cooked with ash gourd and spiced with black pepper, is a local delicacy during the season.

​11. Undhiyu, Gujarat

​With over 20 ingredients including at least 8 to 10 vegetables, a bunch of spices and muthiyas (a type of steamed Gujarati snack), undhiyu is the ultimate celebration of winter produce.

​12. Nalli Nihari, Telangana

​Nalli nihari, a slow-cooked mutton stew, tops the popular winter delicacies list in Telangana.

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