9 Things You Must Know About Onam Sadya


​"Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam" emphasises the significance of Onam sadhya to Malayalis, even equating it to selling property or jewellery.

​Sadya graces Onam, weddings, and special occasions. Temples host festive sadhya, reflecting a community's prosperity.

​Payasam's richness defines status; it is made with rice, vermicelli, coconut milk, and jaggery.

​Ayurvedic wisdom orders the sadhya's sequence: dry dishes on top, rice and curry at the bottom, cleansing the palate with Payasam.

​The meal starts with ghee-lentil rice, followed by spicy sambar. Palate-cleansing payasam and tangy rasam accompany rice in the auspicious feast.

​Onam sadya on banana leaves, folded away if satisfied. Salt comes first; non-vegetarian items are absent due to ritualistic offerings.

​God's offering precedes feasting, excluding non-vegetarian dishes. Kerala sadya showcases rice and coconut, not wheat-based dishes.

​Seasonal pickles, devoid of vinegar, are made from mango, lime, and more, for the Onam sadya.

​Signature spices like cardamom, mustard seeds, and curry leaves define Kerala sadya's unique flavours.

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