5 Trends In Menus By Celebrity Wedding Caterers


​Indian wedding menus have moved on from the pasta, matar paneer and dal makhani and have become more experimental, upscale and luxurious.

​1. Unique cocktails

​Craft and customised cocktails are becoming popular. These cocktails can be based on the bride and groom's love story, personalities, etc.

​2. Modern Indian

​Restaurateur Aditi Dugar shares that many people are opting for modern Indian appetisers and small plates. They are also experimenting with different cuisines such as Korean and Latin American.

​3. Local, seasonal

​Not only are people adopting sustainable practices for planning weddings but also opting for local, seasonal produce in the menus for guests.

​4. Regional dishes

​Regional cuisine is gaining popularity in metro cities as communities gradually move to metros, creating a demand for authentic food. Specialty cuisines from Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and the northeast are seeing a rise in demand, in recent times.

​5. Portion size

​Mindful consumption and serving in small plates are also a big way to avoid food wastage while keeping the presentation visually appealing and guests happy.

​“Less is more” will be a guiding philosophy for 2023 wedding menu for guests. To read more on wedding food trends, click on the link below.

Celebrity Wedding Food Menus To Inspire You

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